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 Le Danse Ballroom enjoys sharing our Passion of Dance with others, but don't just take our word for it!  Please take a moment to watch the videos and scroll down to read testimonials.

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is a thank you to Jean and the Staff at Le Danse Ballroom.  My wife and I are on our 4th lesson now and they have all been extremely enjoyable.

We felt there were many benefits in learning to dance.  From weddings and social activities, to the occasional cruise or a night on the town, it would be nice to know how to cut a rug and have some, instead of just watching others.  Little did we know what we were in for, our instructor gives us extra personal lessons.  And not just in one style.  We have already learned the Box Step, Mambo, Rumba and Samba.  WOW! Who would have thought that a guy like me with two left feet would learn how to Samba!

The studio is very clean and the atmosphere is light and fun.  The time I spend with my wife dancing is very important to her and fun for me.  We appreciate their teaching style and extreme patience with us.  What else can we say, we love Le Danse Ballroom!


        Todd Muffley

Dear Jean,

Time to uncork this testimonial, the one I've been carrying around in my head.  It's been a year since I first walked in the door, not really knowing where it would lead.  I only knew that I needed to learn to dance and that it was something I'd long overlooked.

Fast-forward to a month or two ago. I was writing out a check for a year's worth of lessons and, being a frugal German, was interrupted by the thought, "Isn't that a lot of money for, essentially, one's own entertainment?"

The next thought was quick and easy.  You just can't put a price tag on the amount of satisfaction, relaxation and accomplishment that Le Danse provides.  When I go dancing, all cares and worries just melt away.  Plus, I've learned skills of inestimable social value.  How do people go through life without this?


     Bob Bruner