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 How to get the most out of Your Dance Lessons at Le Danse Club

WE CONGRATULATE each client on having the vision and the power of self-direction to enroll in their course of dance instruction. They are setting out on a bold, worthy and fascinating program of fun and social ease.

During this fun training, they will be astonished at how much they are gaining from it.  For the rest of their life, they are very likely to look back on this course as one of the best times in their life.

These statements are not wild exaggerations.  They are the truth.

Helpful Hints to our New Clients

Your attitude is all important.  No matter what your reason, you will get a great deal more out of your lessons if you start with this attitude:

"I am giving not just my time and my tuition;  I am going to give you my enthusiastic cooperation. 

If that is your attitude, we can help you help yourself to an extent that may almost take your breath away.

No technical knowledge of music is necessary to become a good dancer. It is perfectly natural to have some difficulty distinguishing between different types of music and recognizing the beat at first. As your lessons progress, this trouble disappears. On the very first lesson you will learn the basic steps on which all dance patterns are based.

It is important to keep your lessons as close together as possible, coming in two times a week. This way you do not forget between lessons and you learn faster.

During the first few lessons, you are taught by a Foundation Teacher (“Dance Specialist”) whose job it is to teach you as fast as you can learn to determine the least amount of sessions necessary to make you as good of a dancer as you decide you want to be.

Within a two lessons, you will be ready to attend studio practice dance parties.  This serves as a bridge between lessons and going out “on your own”.

If you do any dancing away from the studio during the lessons of “basic training,” do not be alarmed if you have some initial trouble. We all must get used to something new. Discuss any problems with your Teacher.

ONCE YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED the basic patterns in all the popular dances, it's all clear sailing ahead if you keep in mind the normal pattern of learning.

So Relax! Realize that if you give us your complete cooperation, together we shall produce results that may seem like magic.   Just be patient now and let the magic happen inside you.
Do not expect steady, uniform improvement. It does not come steadily - it comes in spurts. Perhaps you will improve for five to ten lessons then you will hit a plateau, where you see no improvement for a lesson or two; you may even appear to slip back a lesson or two.  Don't let that disturb you.  Soon you will again show improvement. Then you may hit another plateau, another slump, more progress and so it will go.  Please understand that, in learning an art, a game, or a skill, like dancing, this uneven progress is normal and natural!

You are now on the road to becoming an exceptional dancer at a studio which has a time-proven system.

Congratulations and good luck!

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Call us at (317) 259-1147