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About Le Danse Club

We feel that we have one of the finest teaching systems in the country. We use the interrelated award system, which is teaching the relationship between several dances, patterns, and dance concepts. This has been Proven to be the Fastest Way to make you a good and versatile social dancer. Our club has taught thousands of members since 1978 to become excellent dancers using this Award System. Another reason our club is so successful, is our high dance standard. New staff must graduate a 300 lesson dance training program before they begin teaching. We also have daily dance training sessions as staff to work on our teaching methods and our own professional dancing. As a staff, you will find, we all take great pride in our members' accomplishments and in our own dancing.

In keeping current with our teaching methods, dancing, and dance trends, we have a National Dance Board. The National Dance Board is a select group of former/current dance champions and some of the best dancers and teachers in the country. Their job is to help keep us current on all of the latest dance techniques and trends. A Board member visits our club several times a year to coach the staff and our Awards Program dance members. Our system is designed to give you the best possible lessons and a fun practice environment.

The awards system allows us to help you set definite and attainable dance goals. As a member you will always choose the direction you wish to go on your dance program. We offer the Gold levels-our highest levels, Silver- which is exhibition dancing-dancing that commands attention as the movements are so lovely and exciting, Bronze- strong, excellent, advanced, social dancing. Bronze through Gold have four levels of achievement, which are Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Full Award. Moving from one level to another in a program is done by perfecting the material in each level and taking a dance exam with our dance director. And finally, Social Ease-this is our most popular program for new comers to dance as it produces good, confident, comfortable, social dancing.

During the private and the group practices, we will be perfecting the dance elements needed to become a good dancer and dance partner. Near the completion of each program there is a progress check with our dance director. This is to insure that you have learned the dances of your choice. Current members are able to test different levels during the year, and three times a year we host a special graduation party- for our clients- our Awards Ball.

The Awards Ball is a high point of in-club activities. It is our semi-formal version of the “Academy Awards” as a graduation ceremony, dance certificates are awarded for each level attained by the student and a Trophy is presented to full Bronze, Sliver, and Gold level dancers.